Our mission is to provide the best possible bandwidth at an affordable reality for all our customers.

Why Us

Colocate Your Server.

Own Co-location Team

Not free to visit? Unlike conventional web hosting providers that depends on data center's support personnel to help check your servers, Piradius has our own team. Our support can provide immediate technical support like your eyes, ears and hand support and server reboots in real time. Subscribe to our Colo-VIP services and you have a team of experts working 24/7 to help you.


At any time, you can relocate your server to any of our data centers. You are not tied up over a contract bind over one particular data center. You can also relocate to another data center when your network traffic changes. You will never get stuck!

Fastest Support

Want a server reboot in 5 minutes? Our command center team operates 24/7/365. You can contact us via live chat, phone or ticketing system. Try calling +603-2031 8850 for immediate technical support anytime! Experience it yourself. For VIP customers, we offer 24 hrs on call dedicated support engineers so that each time, the same engineer can attend to your issues. Get personalized!

Command Center

CenterPiradius has its own command center located at the same building as DC 5, our most populated data center. Our DC is fully staffed 24/7 and we monitor our network to ensure optimum uptime.

True 24/7 Site Visit

No advance booking needed. You just need to inform us of your arrival. Piradius allows true 24/7 site visits as we have our own command center and co-location team, enabling customers to visit the data center anytime for maintenance or troubleshooting services.

Disaster Recovery

You can have double or triple DR sites in case the network goes down in one data centre. This will ensure your network is up 100% of the time. This is a must for mission critical businesses

Own Network & IP Addresses

Piradius has its own ASN routing and manage our own BGP network. By having this, we are able to route our network based on customers' requests and feedbacks. We can also allocate any of our 16,000 IPs to customers immediately.

Immediate Setup

We can setup your co-location almost instantaneously. You can make an appointment to setup your server or if you are feeling lazy, just send the server to us and we will setup it up for you. After all, this is what good service is all about!