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Disaster Recovery

Are you doing everything you can to protect your information?

Mistakes can cause data loss, power outages, and a wide variety of other problems, while malicious attacks like hackings can compromise data or render it unusable. How long can your Enterprise afford to be without your data? With an accelerated Piradius disaster recovery program, you never have to answer this question.

Piradius' disaster recovery service is designed to support your business if you lose telecommunications services at one of your sites due to an emergency such as a fire, flood, customer equipment failure or terrorist action. This service may be vital for your company if data and voice connectivity is business critical.

With a proper disaster recovery system in place, you would be able to track your employees and assess infrastructural damage suffered during a catastrophe. There is no reason a temporary setback needs to turn into a permanent failure. Piradius allows organisation to recover their IT functions in an event of a disaster with its comprehensive services packages.

Key Features
  • Diverting incoming call traffic to an alternative location(s)
  • Diverting your private circuits to an alternative location(s)
  • Services are diverted remotely, negating the need for our engineers to provide a site visit
  • Tailored solution for your circumstances
  • Diversions can be invoked 24x365