Our mission is to provide the best possible bandwidth at an affordable reality for all our customers.

Data Centre

Piradius Data Center

Piradius has presence in multiple Data Centers located in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan. All the data centers are network neutral data centers that have the highest and densest communications facility in the country. The more co-located networks and businesses there are in a facility, the higher is the mutual exchange of traffic for mutual benefit. Finding the right connectivity partners is a breeze when you’re co-located at AIMS, Asia’s Communication Exchange.

Data Center Standards

Our Data Centres are built with failover, power redundancy, 24-hour technical support and high security. Why choose us?

  • Neat, space-saving overhead cabling system
  • Room temperature kept at 20°C and humidity at 50 RH
  • Robust, uninterrupted power supply with dual power feeds to each rack
  • Unbroken internet connectivity via full redundancy in access infrastructure
  • Top notch, 24x7x365 manned security and centralised monitoring system
  • Rapid detection and suppression of fire
  • Dual electrical grounding systems for protection against lightning strikes and sudden power surges
  • Rent scalable racks and private vaults, and host antennas on rooftop and wide choice of bandwidths from 64 kbps to 2.5 Gbps via cross connects

Data Center Gallery

We don’t sleep. We’re here 24x7x365 to hold your hand and walk you through your IT dilemmas. Count on us to give you expert help when you need it most. Every single distress call that you make to our Data Centre Operations will be answered by a qualified and experienced Engineer any time of the day or night. You won’t be speaking to a machine.

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